Can I get visa to Vietnam upon arrival if I come to Vietnam by sea or road

Yes, you can, if you applying visa vietnam with our service.

But we recommend you should contact with Vietnamese Embassy for this case.

Please click Send visa form online for getting the approval letter online with us for your visa pick up at check-in point by road, sea or rail. There is a field for special request in our Visa form online, please inform us for picking up visa to Vietnam upon arrival if you come to Vietnam by sea or road by filling in this field.

We will charge you US$20 more for your special visa request If you would like to arrange visa upon arrival by road or sea or rail.

Note : 
- Please advise us exactly which port will you come. 
- Please advise us exactly your airmail address as we will send original pre-approved letter for the visa upon arrival by sea, road or rail. 
- We will arrange visa to Vietnam upon arrival by air automatically if no special request.

Best regards,

Tony Trinh (Mr.)

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